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or phone (01491-638-736) or 07740-298-474

Please leave a clear message & repeat your phone number S L O W L Y .

Booking Details & Covid-19

2021 Pitch Fees £20 per night - no extras*

  • COVID-19..

    • If Covid-19 returns (or a similar pandemic) we will issue a credit voucher to cover the full value of your deposit should your visit be affected.

  • Some dates we will be asking for a 3 or 5 night minimum

    • Weekends: Minimum 2 nights.

    • Bank Holiday: Minimum 3 nights.

  • 2021 Bookings - Depending on the availability we may have a 5 night minimum booking until Easter 2021.

  • If you are a FRONTLINE NHS or HEALTHCARE worker and need a shorter break, please contact us.

  • Outfit Size: Not suitable for very large (American Style) RV's

  • Open all year

  • *EHU - unless you use over 10KwH/night (v.unlikely in summer months)

  • Please review our Terms & Conditions & Cancellation Policy

If you are looking for a CL with availability, please use the new CL Booking Website.