Meet the family

Ted and Jackie moved into the main farmhouse with Harry, Fergus and Bobby (not forgetting Tess and Pip our collies) in 2005 having lived on the farm for the previous 10 years.

Ted & Jackie run the farm, horse-riding business (Cholsey Farm Riding), and CL site. Ted also works as a consultant to other farms and rural businesses, helping them with their marketing, having spent 30+ years working in sales & marketing around the world.

We are a small family farm of nearly 200 acres. 100 acres will be sown with Oats this year & around 60 acres of conservation (chalk banks) and the rest is grazing for Soay sheep and horses.

Ted was born on the farm which his father bought in 1955 for £19,500! The farm, like most small farms, has diversified considerably since the 1960's and 70's when it was a true 'mixed' farm with dairy, then chickens and pigs alongside crops such as Oats, Wheat and Barley.

In the 1980's the farm was mostly crops and sheep, with around 200 Welsh ewes. When Ted's father retired the sheep were sold and the farm reverted to crops and horses.

Like most small farms, many of the original outbuildings have been converted to accommodate small businesses who appreciate the lovely location and the family feel.

The CL

The CL opened in 2008 with no EHU. A couple of years later we invested in EHU then WiFi and with the help of a EU LEADER grant in 2019 we added hardstanding and service bollards.. Ted has previously been a voluntary 'nominated member' of the Club Council of the Caravan & Motorhome Club and takes an active role in supporting other CL Owners.

If you have any problems when you visit us, please talk to us personally, we are almost always here and we'll seek to help you or resolve your issues swiftly. We welcome your thoughts and suggestions.